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Please note that the international range of products such as these are directly ordered from our suppliers in the US of A. This means that your items take roughly between 6 - 8 weeks to arrive. In some cases we have stock, so just drop us a mail and we will confirm. If you are not set on waiting, head out of the international section where we have a couple of days turnaround time.
Touch Me MMA Shorts

Touch Me MMA Shorts

Bare Knuckle International - MMA Shorts

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R 299.00

This is our Touch Me MMA Shorts.

Our international MMA Shorts are wicked cool and are imported from our overseas suppliers. These MMA Shorts are extremely durable and can withstand a huge amount of punishment! They are made of ultra-light breathable material which cause you to even forget you have shorts on. They have a slit down the side to help you sprawl as needed.

These shorts have become popular in the weight training areas and can be used in almost any sport due to them being virtually bulletproof!

They also contain crazy designs which have been 3D printed that help you stand out from the rest.

Please note that due to our international rash vests coming from a partner supplier, we do not refund or repair any of the gear if something goes wrong.

We have three options for delivery on international items:

  • Option one: Standard post office courier to YOUR postal box from our overseas supplier. (This is the fastest postal option by around two weeks).
  • Option two: Standard shipping to our offices and then couriered to you, upon arrival.
  • Option three: Couriered directly to us at around R499.00 and then couriered to you upon arrival (2 - 3 Weeks).

  • Please view our shipping policies for more information.

    Some of the features:

  • They are lightweight.
  • They are ultra strong.
  • They breathe really well.
  • They have a slit on the sides for the ultimate stretch.
  • They are the ultimate piece of body armour

  • Bare Knuckle International - This product is ordered from our supplier overseas.
    Please allow for Post Office shipping delays.