BK has taken the plunge to emigrate.

We are in the process of moving the store overseas &
will no longer be supplying the SA market.
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Sparkle Gym Pants

Sparkle Gym Pants

Bare Knuckle - Gym Pants

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This is our ladies Sparkle Gym Pants.

Wow! Super comfortable, soft and snug. Our ladies gym or yoga pants will very quickly win your heart over. They boast incredible designs, which are tailored to work with curves and at the same time leave you with the 'stand out from the crowd' factor. Made from very specifically selected materials, they prevent any transparency and also hold like a second set of skin.

Our pants are extremely durable, with a large belt to maximise comfort and their tailored stretch will allow you to take part in any exercise, whether it be stretching or yoga, weight lifting or jogging.

Here at Bare Knuckle we also boast quick delivery times and a courier service to your doorstep! Come dare to try a pair.

Some included features:

  • Careful hand picked material for strength, transparency and durability.
  • Outrageous designs to help you stand out.
  • Ultimate comfort, for all walks of life.
  • A large belt for ease of movement.