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P1 Boxing Gloves

RDX - Boxing Gloves

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The perfect partner for any high-octane training session, these shock-absorbing boxing gloves are lined with two individual layers of our proprietary EVA-LUTION™ foam; one on the outside of the inner foam mold, and one on the inside of your hand. These layers work in concert to cushion your knuckles, and evenly disperse any heavy shocks. By opting to wear these performance boxing gloves for sparring, you are opting to ensure that your hands are well protected, and also choosing to maximize the force that you can effectively apply with each jab.

  • Dual layers of our proprietary EVA-LUTION™ foam offer unparalleled punching glove protection
  • Well-ventilated thanks to the inclusion of our very own Cool-X ventilation mesh
  • Fastened using a patent-pending Quick-EZ velcro mechanism to ensure a secure fit that will withstand the hardship of multiple sparring sessions
  • Unique RDX design to make a statement in the ring
  • Lightweight technology to ensure rapid movement during combat