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Mardi Gras Compression Shirt

Bare Knuckle - Compression Shirt

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R 624.00


This is our Mardi Gras Compression Shirt.

We are taking over the world with our outrageous compression shirts. These are the ultimate in boxing, MMA and Martial Art compression tops. Our shirts are of the finest quality and will be sure to mesh and bond to your skin, helping you achieve the results in the ring.

We have our own state of the art, design team working on constant new ideas and this allows us deliver items you have never seen before. The best part; is we will get them to you within a couple of days.

Please note, the final product may look slightly different as they are custom tailored from templates. There are two options for material, with the four way stretch being the ELITE in compression material and 100% "bullet proof", then there is a more cost effective two way stretch material.

Some of the features:

  • They are light weight.
  • They are super strong.
  • They breathe really well.
  • They keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • They are the ultimate piece of body armour.