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We are in the process of moving the store overseas &
will no longer be supplying the SA market.
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Regular price R 699.00

R 699.00


Our state of the art spats are simply outstanding! We challenge you to find a more comfortable pair. Bare Knuckle spats come in amazing designs and have been carefully considered in shape and cut to hold everything together very well but also allow for enough stretch to big effective.

Our spats breath very well and will feel like your own skin within minutes. We guarantee that you will not find better looking spats out there either. The ultimate pants armour!

Please note that the final product may differ slightly as they are custom tailored.

Bare Knuckle spats features:

  • BK spats are very light in weight.
  • BK spats are extremely strong and durable.
  • They breath very well, helping regulate your temperature.
  • Our spats sport some of the sickest designs.