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Bloodsport Hand Wraps

Bloodsport Hand Wraps

Bare Knuckle - Hand Wraps

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This is our Bloodsport Hand Wraps.

These wraps are available in 3.5m.

These hand wraps are the ultimate protective skinz for your hands. They are extremely breathable, allowing you to box in them without gloves and they have the perfect micro fibers to allow the best in hand protection. Our hand wraps also come in  various lengths for personal preference and to top it all off, we have the most outrageous patterns and colours for you in typical Bare Knuckle style.

They are worn by pros in various martial arts and will help you in keeping your body fight fit.

Some features include:

  • Perfect balance in stretch.
  • Multiple colours.
  • Various lengths.
  • Carefully woven microfibers.