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BK Iced Bag (900mm)

Bare Knuckle - Boxing Bag

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R 1,299.00


This is our BK Iced Bag (900mm).

The Iced Bag is great for starting out as it eases your wrists into the combat world. It is also great for a slower temper regime, when you are focusing on down time or recovery. Sporting a short 900mm in length, this top quality boxing bag will assist with focus work and technique. Our bags are made of top quality durable vinyl. They come complete with 4 hanging straps and welded D-Rings. This 0.9m bag is also ideal in the ladies range.

Some Features include:

  • Made out of highly durable vinyl.
  • 4 hanging straps for extra strength.
  • 4 D-Rings to hook into carabiners.
  • Weight: 20kg's.