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International MMA Gloves - Buy the ELITE in MMA Gloves online in South Africa. Our Mixed Martial Arts Gloves are simply outstanding! They are worn by pro fighters and they have stood the test of time. We have the most insane designs that are very different with free delivery and express turnaround times, we will deliver to your door.

Ensure that your hands are safe and ready when your training or heading for your next fight with some ELITE MMA boxing gloves. We have the ultimate combat gear at your disposal. Our gear ranges from open palm, to full thumb, thumb-less, Amateur and Pro MMA gloves. Take your pick! #BK

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Please note that the international range of products such as these are directly ordered from our suppliers in the US of A. This means that your items take between 4 - 8 weeks to arrive. In some cases we have stock, so just drop us a mail and we will confirm. If you are not set on waiting, head over to the Bare Knuckle apparel section where we have a couple of days turnaround time.