BK has taken the plunge to emigrate.

We are in the process of moving the store overseas &
will no longer be supplying the SA market.
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International Gear - Buy MMA & Boxing gear online at the Best Prices in South Africa's Best Online combat Apparel Store. BareKnuckle.co.za. The Bare Knuckle international gear range has some of SA's elite items to help you achieve your goals. We have it all, helping you survive the battle. Come grab yours!

Our international gear range has everything, from head gear, to shin guards / shin pads, to hand wraps, gel wraps, to groin protectors, to kick shields and gum guards. Come protect your brain matter and facial structure with the BEST protective gear available in the combat sport. We have our gear tested regularly by Pro-Fighters to assure the best in quality. #BareKnuckle

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Please note that the international range of products such as these are directly ordered from our suppliers in the US of A. This means that your items take roughly between 6 - 8 weeks to arrive. In some cases we have stock, so just drop us a mail and we will confirm. If you are not set on waiting, head out of the international section where we have a couple of days turnaround time.