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International Boxing Gloves - Buy the ELITE boxing gloves online in South Africa. Our boxing gloves are OUTSTANDING  and made out of the best cow hide. They are extremely durable & have been put to the test by pro fighters. Not to mention they come in different CRAZY designs, colours and various sizes / ounces.  #BareKnuckle

Ensure that your hands are safe and ready when your training or heading for your next fight with some boxing gloves. Take a look at our range of boxing gloves, we stock a whole selection of boxing gloves in a number of styles and colours to help prepare you to win big and win safe.

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Please note that the international range of products such as these are directly ordered from our suppliers in the US of A. This means that your items take between 4 - 8 weeks to arrive. In some cases we have stock, so just drop us a mail and we will confirm. If you are not set on waiting, head over to the Bare Knuckle apparel section where we have a couple of days turnaround time.