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BK Monster Bag (1500mm)

Bare Knuckle - Boxing Bag

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R 2,599.00


This is our BK Monster Bag (1500mm).

Check out our Monster Heavy Bag. Sporting a massive 1500mm in length, this beast will help you raise your game in heavy conditioning. The weight puts some great stress on your shoulders, helping you develop your striking power and allowing you to box on the inside. Our bags are made of top quality durable vinyl. They come complete with 4 hanging straps and welded D-Rings. This 1.5m monster will help you climb to the top in conditioning.

Some Features include:

  • Made out of highly durable vinyl.
  • 4 hanging straps for extra strength.
  • 4 D-Rings to hook into carabiners.
  • Weight: 60kg's.