BK has taken the plunge to emigrate.

We are in the process of moving the store overseas &
will no longer be supplying the SA market.
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Bare Knuckle Apparel

Bare Knuckle Apparel - Check out the latest in MMA and boxing apparel in South Africa. Our gear is elite and cut above the rest with free delivery and express turnaround times, we will deliver to your doorstep. We cater for all types of sports, from weight training to every martial art style out there.

Our apparel section contains compression shirts/tops, Mixed Martial Arts shorts, long/short spats, cotton shirts, caps and various other clothing apparel for your daily fight gear. We assure you we have the best quality that will keep you a fold above the rest of the competition or simply help you with your stand-out flair! #BareKnuckle

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