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From Boland to Big Things - Redefining Limits

Author: Freeletics
Date: 12th September 2017

Ashley William Robinson was born and raised in South Africa, Western Cape, Boland, in a small Town called Paarl. Today a professional MMA fighter at the top of his game, Ashley used sports as a way to make better choices in life, to escape all his negative surroundings and to live a life that he would be proud of.

As young, influential teenagers, it is hard to not follow the crowd and do as others do. For Ashley, this was a struggle early on in life as he feared falling in with the wrong crowd. At 14 years old, Ashley was mixed up with a wild crowd of friends who would skip school and steal from private property. As he grew up he began to realize the negative influence this was having on him and during this time began to pour more energy into his martial arts, which he had been practicing since the age of five. “Luckily for me, my passion for sports saved my life. It led me to strive to become the best version of myself, to make better decisions and choose the right path,” says Robinson.

Instead of merely training, Ashley used martial arts as a distraction from his surroundings and began competing and grading. He eventually got his black belt and after a few years of competing became the SA amateur kickboxing champion and CFL and PFC K1 Champion.

“I am very lucky to say that my passion became my profession and through this I developed a career as a stuntman. Luck wasn’t the only thing that got me here. I worked day in, day out to make it happen. Failure motivated me even more and if I was rejected for something I went back to the drawing board, trained twice as hard and came back stronger every single time until I was accepted,” continues Robinson.

Through his job as a stuntman, Ashley was introduced to fitness application, Freeletics, which he credits for taking his whole professional and personal life to another level.

Freeletics is a fitness app like no other and it combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) with personal coaching. The Freeletics Bodyweight Coach used by Ashley utilizes machine learning to actively learn from all 20 million users’ performance and progresses with them over time. So, when more people train, the more the Coach will learn and the more every user will benefit. Thus, both beginners and experienced Athletes will always get the perfect training plan for their experience and fitness level. Freeletics can be done anywhere. If you are too busy to get to your favorite training spot, train at home before you leave the house in the morning. Or train at night right after you get home. All you need to train is your body and 15 minutes of your time.

When he started with Freeletics, Ashley was already an extremely fit athlete at the top of his game. “After just a few weeks of training I already noticed the difference. I was faster, more powerful, driven, wiser and most importantly, mentally stronger. I became more confident about my strength and abilities. I realized that I could do anything I put my mind to, even if I doubted myself. Over time this helped me win more fights and constantly pushed me to set myself even bigger goals,” explains Robinson.

Freeletics training has also transformed his physique - after years of intense training in other sports, Ashley’s body has become extremely defined. “As a fighter there are also times when I need to lose weight as fast as possible. I soon found out that as well as making me stronger, Freeletics could also help me lose these last few pounds. And fast.” One of Ashley’s favourite things about Freeletics is the way it totally drains him every single time. It forces him to push through any mental barriers that stand in his way and leaves him with a free mind. “It’s the concept, the message behind it and the whole philosophy which proves that through this really tough form of sports, you can become anything you want to be: this is what made me instantly fall in love with Freeletics,” said Ashley.

Ashley is now driven by the goal to help change the lives of others and to show the youth that they have a choice in life - just as he did. A choice not just to train but in the lifestyle you choose and the mindset that goes along with it.

You can check him out on Instagram at: @ashwillrob.
You can check him out on Facebook at: Ashley William Robinson.
You can check him out on the Freeletics app at: Ashley Robinson.

The Freeletics Bodyweight app can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.
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